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SunabSome testimonials

"After using chemicals and other hair colors that were harming my hair, my stylist introduced me to SUNAB. It covers my roots perfectly and is so easy to use. Now I am back to my 4 week color schedule instead having appointments every 3 weeks!" (Cheryl G.)

"I was recommended to Sunab by a co-worker who has gone to her for years. At the time, my hair was extremely dry and damaged due to over-highlighting. Sunab not only repaired my hair but has done a fabulous job with color of my hair as well. I continually receive countless compliments on my hair color. Friends have been really impressed with how natural and healthy my hair looks. If you are looking for a natural colorist, I would highly recommend Sunab." (Nobuko)

"Thank you so much for giving us Sunab! I have very dark hair and very white out growth, my roots start to show up after 2 weeks! With this product, not only can I hide the roots, I can also go back to my color appointment schedule of every 4 weeks instead of three. This is great!!" (Naomi N.)


SUNAB 100% Natural Hair Color

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