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  1. No Harsh Chemicals or Additives. No peroxide, no ammonia or other additives. It is 100% Natural.
  2. Covers grey hair effectively and properly in one step.
  3. Color stays on grey hair upto 60 days, depending upon individual hair .
  4. It balances and nourishes the hair shaft as it colors to help prevent breakage.
  5. It leaves hair thick, lustrous and naturally healthy.
  6. It can be applied on permed hair too.
  7. It does not stain skin


  1. Immediately after its application, you may not get dark coloring, But in a few hours as soon as it comes into contact with natural air, process of natural oxidation takes place and gradually color becomes dark and prominent.
  2. Since these are all natural herbs, results may vary from person to person. External color of powder may also vary a little from one lot to another.
  3. When it is applied the first time, it may not give good color, as it takes time to get tuned with your hair and also to neutralize effect of other hair colors which you may have applied before. Therefore, it is advisable to apply Sunab 2-3 times with interval of 24 hours between each application for the first use.
  4. Please note Sunab is 100% natural made of natural herbs only, therefore results will vary and it may take time to adjust to your individual hair.

SUNAB 100% Natural Hair Color

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