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Shipping & Returns

If you are not satisfied with the product, returns or exchanges are welcome for products within 30 days of receipt. PLEASE send your packing slip with reason for return and or exchange NOTED. If you do not have a packing slip please include a note will your full contact information and instructions for your return. If you have any questions please write to for a reply.

We ship your order promptly the next business day in almost all instances.
U.S. SHIPMENTS: Our domestic shipping rates are as following:
$ 6 per order (5-7 business days) .

FOREIGN SHIPMENTS are based on a fixed rate per pound. There is NO TRACKING available for international shipments as we ship UPS Mail
Innovations which inserts the packages into the postal service of the receiving country. Our fee is simple: $10 per lb., although we may be able to discount large orders. Please contact us directly for a quote.

CANADA: up to 5 lbs. $10 per lb. (7-10 business days) over 5 lbs. $ 9 per lb. (7-10 business days) EXPEDITED SHIPPING is not available to Canada at this time.

FOREIGN (other) All Weights $10 per lb. (7-10 business days)
EXPEDITED SHIPPING for INTERNATIONAL destinations is not available at this time.


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