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Dos and Don'ts For Natural Henna

Henna- Do store Henna in a cool, dry, dark place.

- Do test your hair's elasticity before applying henna. Pull off a single strand of hair, wrap it around index fingers, and stretch. If the strand does not increase by a minimum of one-third, the hair will need preconditioning.

- Do check commercial henna hair products for pesticides and heavy-metals .

- Don't use henna in the area of the eye, your eyebrows, or internally.

- Don't use henna on newly chemically treated hair; it may cause unplanned hair variations.

- Don't coat the hair with henna right before getting a perm. Henna can restrain the activity of the perm chemicals and thus, reverse the perm's results.

- Don't use black henna that contains para- phenylenediamine (PPD). It can cause serious inflammation of the skin.

When not to use Henna
Since Henna leaves are considered body cooling and an astringent, folk wisdom advises against henna hair coloring when the air temperature is very cold, when you are sick or when you are pregnant.


100% Natural Henna

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