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Corporate Social Responsibilities


Our Philosophy

Radico has a long history of corporate social responsibility both towards the environment and our community. We follow ancient Ayurvedic principles in a system of balance between the body and the environment. We work with all our partners (henna farmers, employees, suppliers) to ensure their commitment and philosophy matches ours in being socially responsible.

We believe responsibility starts at home; so we start with taking care of our own employees, who are our most valued asset. We take care of them as well as their families to help them achieve economic stability.

It is Radico’s policy to take care of the complete education expenses of at least one child of each of our employees, with special emphasis on girls. Radico pays for all expenses, from school fees, uniforms, books etc.

In addition to the above, we also take care of and support the educational needs of children of poor and deprived families of our community. There is a system of identifying such families to extend support.

Our Practices

All our factories and offices use CFL lamps to save electricity,

New factory units are being designed in an energy friendly and eco friendly manner. More then 80% of space in the new units receive natural light throughout the day, so that electricity is saved; the balance of the time we use CFL lamps to contribute to conservation.

We support the use of solar energy as much as possible in industry, therefore we are converting more and more of our machines & equipment to solar power .

This year we have made a corporate decision to change our company cars to solar powered. We are talking to the only company in India 'Reva" which manufactures battery operated cars, and then we shall convert these cars into solar by adding solar panels, with the help of a US solar company.

Rain water harvesting systems have been successfully established in our all factories which conserve and redirect rain water to the ground instead of going to waste and hence it helps improve the depleting ground water levels.

We have started using recycled paper stationary. We are also trying to encourage our employees to use digital data and are introducing a new dept which will digitize all the data and will introduce a system of digital data storage so that we can reach use of zero paper in our organization.


We believe strongly in ayurvedic herbs and we are increasing our line of 100% natural product offerings from hair color to skin care products which are safe and natural to promote health and beauty. We use wild herbs in our herbal products which are naturally organic and free from chemical fertilizers, contaminants and hence safe for the body and health.


We are currently looking for land for cultivation of our natural herbs which has never been treated with any chemicals or pesticides to show our commitment to going 100% natural with our herbal products. Then we plan to employ local poor villagers and teach them organic cultivation techniques.

We shall use a micro irrigation system which deploys a grid system of pipes and supplies water only to the roots of plants in sufficient quantity and hence just utilizes one fourth the amount of water in comparison to traditional irrigation systems. So it will not only conserve water but increase the yield one and a half times.

We also plan to gradually develop solar powered facilities for our own factories as well as schools and hospitals for local villagers in order to help raise the socio-economic and environmental standards for all.
We feel that it is our duty not only to make the present better but also to ensure a good and safe future for our children and future generations to come.

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We Support the Following Organizations:

  1. National Association for Blind
  2. Sharda Children Education Welfare Society
  3. Children's Rehabilitation Association
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